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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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  • Our first ever Farmers Market!

    Published 27/04/17

    We do hope you can come.....

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  • Have you any....

    Published 24/04/17


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  • Proud of all the Projects!

    Published 06/04/17

    What an amazing effort all round.

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  • Supporting Comic Relief

    Published 22/03/17 wearing something red!

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  • Academy Consultation

    Published 09/03/17

    Please have your say...

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  • Space Art!

    Published 06/03/17

    ....every donation counts.

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  • Congratulations!

    Published 24/02/17

    The 'A' Team are through!

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  • Wanted..

    Published 23/02/17

    Forest School Volunteers

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  • It's Internet Safety Week!

    Published 06/02/17

    Do you know what your child is up to online?

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  • Swimming Survey

    Published 06/02/17

    The results!

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  • Young Voices..

    Published 31/01/17

    What a fabulous day!

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  • Local Offer Live..

    Published 23/01/17 Curve Leicester

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