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We know that most parents understand the importance of regular attendance at school during term time.  Studies show that there is a negative impact on those children who miss lengthy periods of school and the Government has introduced new legislation to tackle persistent and unauthorised absence.

On 1 September 2013 there was a change in the law that now means that schools should not authorise leave of absence for children to be taken out of school, except in exceptional circumstances.  An application for leave of absence must be made to the Headteacher in advance and the Headteacher must consider that there are exceptional circumstances relating to that application in order for the absence to be authorised.

Faith group leaders were consulted regarding the change and parents should be aware that family weddings and religious festivals are not considered to be exceptional circumstances and leave of absence will therefore not be authorised in these cases.

Where there is evidence that unauthorised holidays have been taken, Leicester City Council's Education Welfare Officer will issue Penalty Notices:

  • £60 per child, per parent, if paid within 21 days of receipt of the notice;
  • £120 per child, per parent, if paid within 28 days.

Parents will be liable to prosecution if the Penalty Notice is not paid within 28 days. You can read more about these important changes on the Department for Education website using the link below.

As a result of this change in law our school's Attendance Policy was reviewed by the Governing Body; you can download a copy of our Attendance Policy below.

You can read more about the changes to the regulations on the Department for Education website.

If you have any concerns about this matter and wish to discuss it further with us, please contact the office to make an appointment.