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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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The ‘Food Routes’ programme has been introduced in schools to help children better understand food, nutrition and the importance of being healthy. The programme covers four main areas:

  • Diet and health
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Food safety

Food Routes is backed by the Government and locally by the Leicestershire Nutrition and Dietetic Service, who provide us with advice and resources. In addition, the Co-operative group has provided us with shopping experiences and an arable farm visit to enable children to understand where food comes from, literally from farm to fork.

Every child in school will take part in six afternoon Food Routes sessions this year. The National Curriculum recommends KS2 children should be taught to understand the importance of a balanced diet, how to prepare healthy meals and basic cooking skills to make savoury dishes.

Children will learn to make healthy meals based on the 'Eatwell Plate' - including sandwiches, fruit desserts, pizza and pasta meals - and will use the hob and oven in the 'Healthy Hut' kitchen.

Given the nature of the work your support is vital, and we ask that you encourage your child to help at home with shopping, preparing and storing food, as well as assisting with simple cooking tasks in order that they can achieve the key competencies of the programme.

Parents are also invited to come in to school and help during cooking sessions - if you would like to help please contact Mrs Cooper via the school office.