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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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It is a statutory requirement to publish the attendance record for each governor for the previous academic year. Below is the attendance record for the period September 2016- August 2017 (number of meetings attended/number of meetings held).

NOTE: Governors may leave or join the Governing Body or any of its committees at any point during the year, and absence may be agreed in advance under certain circumstances. 

Governor FGB Attendance Committee Attendance
Mr Tony Smith (Chair of Governors) 3/3 L&M 3/3, Finance 4/5, H&S 3/3,
QTPA 4/4
Mrs Juliet Hart (Headteacher) 2/3 L&M 2/3, Finance 4/5, H&S 0/3,
QTPA 3/4
Mrs L Collins 3/3 Finance 2/5, H&S 1/3, QTPA 1/4
Mr Matt Evans (Staff governor) 3/3 L&M 3/3, Finance 4/5, H&S 3/3
QTPA 1/4
Mrs Ruth Higgins-Jones (Parent governor) 3/3 L&M 2/3, QTPA 4/4
Ms Afra Kelsall (Co-Opted governor) 3/3 L&M 3/3, Finance 2/3 (joined the committee part way through yr)
Mr Murtaza Makda (Co-Opted governor) 1/3  H&S 2/3
Ms Linda Marsden (Co-Opted governor) 3/3 H&S 1/3, QTPA 3/4
Ms Daisy Powell (Parent governor) 3/3 QTPA 3/4
Mrs Lisa Westerman (Co-Opted governor) 3/3 Finance 5/5,
Mrs R Kelf (Co-Opted governor) 3/3 L&M 3/3
Miss Z Marshall (Co-Opted governor) 3/3 L&M 2/3, Finance (Invited member) 1/1