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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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Here are the Year 3 materials to work from home. This week in English, we are starting our new text 'After the Fall.' You will also find this week's Maths, Overdale Values work (includes previous sessions which may be worth recapping on), handwriting and 'Use it or Lose it' pdfs. Please note, this is the work we are completing in class, therefore parts of the pdfs may need interpreting/adapting in order for children to complete at home. 

In addition, your child should be reading daily for at least 20 minutes (with/to an adult where possible and/or independently) and daily times tables practise would also be beneficial. Our focus this week is the 7 times table. Your child might enjoy this: 

Please do not worry if you are unable to complete everything.

Any queries can be sent to the Year 3 email address (, but please be aware that this email will not be constantly monitored, therefore responses could take up to 48 hours. 

We really hope to see your child back at school soon and would love to see any work you are proud of and would like to share.

The Year 3 team