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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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  • The City Passport..

    Published 09/07/19 launched!

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  • Lunchtime on Friday..

    Published 09/07/19's a summertime special!

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  • The reading agency and Leicester/shire Libraries present..

    Published 08/07/19

    Space Chase!

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  • What...

    Published 01/07/19

    Grand Designs!

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  • Do you need new book ideas?

    Published 06/06/19

    Fancy being rewarded to review your latest read?

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  • West Leicester Primary Athletics

    Published 03/06/19

    Tuesday 4th June

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  • An outstanding end to the season..

    Published 21/05/19

    ...for the Yr6 boys football team!

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  • We are recruiting..

    Published 20/05/19

    ..for Midday Supervisors

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  • Are you able to help...

    Published 16/05/19

    ..with any of the following?

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  • Can you help us make our school meals even better?

    Published 15/05/19

    ...we'd love to hear from you!

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  • What a wheelie successful day!

    Published 03/05/19

    Thank you Dr Bike!

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  • The first Oak Trust

    Published 02/05/19


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