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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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  • Overdale wildlife.....

    Published 06/02/18

    ..caught on camera!

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  • Star performances...

    Published 22/01/18

    ..from the footie teams!

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  • Can we make it....

    Published 16/01/18

    to the King Power Stadium?!

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  • Christmas Concert...

    Published 14/12/17


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  • School is open...

    Published 11/12/17

    Tuesday 12th December

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  • School closed

    Published 10/12/17

    Monday 11th December

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  • Any excuse..

    Published 08/12/17 dress up!

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  • We love to welcome...

    Published 05/12/17

    ....visitors to school!

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  • Many thanks...

    Published 27/11/17 the Parents Association!

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  • You are....

    Published 07/11/17


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  • Let's Pobble!

    Published 07/11/17

    We are excited to be launching Pobble...

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  • A welcomed addition....

    Published 07/11/17 the Healthy Hut

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