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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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  • Can you help....

    Published 13/09/18

    ...Mrs Brown prepare for a Remembrance Garden?

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  • For never was a story of more woe....

    Published 12/09/18

    ...than this of Juliet and her Romeo!

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  • Final chance to have your say...

    Published 10/09/18

    ...on the school term dates!

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  • Kingswood Day 5...

    Published 07/09/18

    ...and we're on our way home!

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  • Kingswood Day 4...

    Published 06/09/18

    ....means a morning on the beach!

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  • Kingswood - New Day....

    Published 05/09/18 fun!

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  • Kingswood update...

    Published 04/09/18 2 fun!

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  • They've arrived safely...

    Published 03/09/18 sunny Norfolk

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  • We're recruiting....

    Published 23/08/18

    ...for Dining Supervisors

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  • We welcome LTS Catering

    Published 11/07/18

    at the start of next term!

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  • New Media Team!

    Published 04/07/18

    Do you fancy being part of it?

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  • Overdale's....

    Published 04/07/18

    got talent!

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