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Respect Resilience Responsibility

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Fancy being rewarded to review your latest read?

In our reading assembly this week, I shared a website called Toppsta with the children which I have recently been trialling using. It is free to sign up to but for children aged under 13, an adult will need to register first who can then add their children to their ‘Group’. Once a child is set up in an adult’s ‘Group’ they can be given their own login so they can submit reviews. There are giveaways to be entered to help readers discover new books and new authors and I have won 2 already - definitely something to get excited about! 

Children with logins can create their own avatar, earn badges, explore reviews and recommendations and create a wish-list of books to read. In our drive to promote ‘Reading for Pleasure’, this comes highly recommended as a way for you and your child to talk about books, as well as finding new ideas and writing reviews for a purpose.

We hope that you can take the time to have a look at Toppsta with your child and find it useful and enjoyable.

To be clear – this is NOT ‘homework’, it is just for fun!

Mrs Lisseman