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Respect Resilience Responsibility

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..are still being won weekly!

As we're well into the school year now parents/carers will know every child has a Reading Journal and they are expected to read every day as part of their regular homework. We ask you to sign these journals to show that your child has read at home. The Reading Journals are checked each week, and we award prizes across the school to recognise a significant improvement in the number of times a child has read each week, or for reading every day. Two Golden Tickets, worth £10 in vouchers, are drawn at random each week.

Congratulations to all our winners since Christmas:

Scarlett (6S), John (4P), Zaynab (3F), Oscar (6P), Seb (4MS), Sabah (5O), Amelie (4P), Muhammad (5O), Taranjot (5A), Elsa (4P), Livvy (3E), Raghav (5A), Fariha (6S), Adrian (4E), Maaria (6P), Matilda (3E) ,Oliver (5O), Debasis (3C), Ellie-May (5A), Amelie Hagos (4MS) and Ilyas Daudbai (5O).

And congratulations to the Summer Term winners so far Elsa (4P), Beth (5LW), Abigail (4MS), Isobel (5O), Ria (4MS), Yash (6S), Amrit (5A), Emilia (3E), Leah (4MS) Hugo (6P), Kirandeep (4MS), Arthur (5O), Aedan (3D), Sarah (4E), Mykah 5O, Molly (6P) , Nima (4P), Jake (5LW) and James (4P).

And congratulations to Keyaan (6P) who won in the extra Year 6 draw for recognition of hard work during SAT's!


Well done everyone, and keep reading!