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Respect Resilience Responsibility

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Cooking lessons are fully integrated into the curriculum with all children taking part in a block of cookery (Food Routes) lessons every year.

This is a rolling programme and parents/carers are invited to take part in lessons

with their children. We have been doing this for several years now and we have a fully fitted and dedicated classroom kitchen (the Healthy Hut) where lessons take place every afternoon Monday - Thursday. The children learn about healthy eating, cooking and food preparation skills progressively from basic skills in Y3 to making a main meal in stages in Y6. Finding out about where food comes from and cooking is integrated into everyday school life.

In addition we take the opportunity to have whole school creative curriculum themes based around food like “World Kitchen” and “Roman Banquets” where we explore what food would have been like in the past or in different parts of the world. Mrs Cooper has travelled to South East Asia and talked to the children about what life was like in Vietnam and Cambodia. Please also see in the gallery photos of Mrs Cooper's assembly about her trip to South America, Peru, Argentina & Brazil!

Throughout the year we organise a range of food events encouraging children to take part in cooking, to eat in school, inviting parents/carers and grandparents to come into school and eat with us. We are very keen to make school meals the norm for everyone in school and we are giving lots of opportunities for families to eat school meals together in a fun and sociable environment.

Please see our cooking gallery to see some of the wonderful things we have made.