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Respect Resilience Responsibility

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We have had lots of wonderful multicultural food events in 2019/2020 so far – take a look below and see!

Food for Life:

SNAG meeting with Junior school councils, parents and LTS Catering, Tuesday 14th January 2020, 10.30-11.25 in the Dining Hall where we discussed how can we make school meals even better. This helps us develop new school menus and our dining environment. We would love to see you there in the future. This is a school council and Parent Forum event. (Please see notes of the meeting in the document below).

We are having another meeting on March 3rd to discuss the new menus. 

Y5/6 Cookery Competition – February 2020 - We have entered the competition again this year. This event was open to all Y5/6 pupils to design a healthy 2-course school meal, cook it and send off their entry to our new caterers, LTS Catering. Last year we did incredibly well again with Sam making it through his first heat to the 2019 final. 


Welcome Wednesdays Come Dine With Us (30 tickets per event):

All year groups - Wednesday 25th March 2020 11:45, dining hall 

Intergenerational community event:

Lunchtime Companions Get Togethers: Wednesday 11th March 12:00

We are inviting senior members of the community to join us for lunch to share a free roast dinner and socialise with our pupils.  

Teatime Special:

Pizza Teatime special - February 5th 2020 (80 tickets sold)

We hope to hold further teatime specials in the summer term.


Multi-cultural Events:

French Breakfast event (100 tickets) Tuesday 12 March 2019, 8.30-8.55am, dining hall, for school pupils only



Did you join us at the BBQ tea successfuly run by LTS catering? A wonderful time was had by all and a wide variety of food was enjoyed.