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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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Learning is not restricted to the classroom and the support and encouragement that children receive outside school plays a vital part in their education.

All our pupils will be set homework each week, based on the current curriculum theme. Tasks will be varied and children are encouraged to do their own research and to be creative in the presentation of their homework. Attention will also be paid to core skills including times tables, grammar and spelling.

Every child is expected to take home a reading book on a daily basis and to spend a few minutes each day reading with an adult who should then sign their reading journal.

Active involvement from parents and carers really does have a positive impact on a child's progress, and your contribution is incredibly valuable.

Homework Booklets

We plan to make each Year group's homework booklets available on our website, to help parents keep up to date with the homework tasks being set for their child each week.

Use the links below to access the homework materials that are currently available.

Please note, to avoid confusion previous term booklets are removed when a new term one is available.