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LTS Catering will be providing the OJS school meals starting the Autumn 2018 term. LTS Catering is part of Leicestershire County Council and have been providing school dinners for over 40 years. We use our breadth of experience to ensure your child receives a well balanced, great tasting lunch. Healthy and nutritious food is our passion. We only use high quality ingredients sourced in line with the Soil Association Food for Life Campaign. We are proud to have been awarded a Silver Accreditation in all of our primary schools for the last three years. Please click below to see more information about the Food for Life programme and our current catering brochure to find our more details about us.

We also offer expert knowledge from our dieticians who we work with at the early stage of menu development and will provide special dietary requirements to all children. If your child requires a special diet please fill in the form below.

You will also find below the current LTS Catering Menu. We have been working together with the school to choose the right menu for your children please click on the link to view this. You can also check out our theme day marketing calendar for the upcoming school year.

LTS have just been awarded Food for Life Gold Catering Mark which means they can provide Gold school dinner menus across Leicestershire. This will happen in Oct 2019 and means we move a step closer to our FfL Gold Award!


Meet the Team

Pictured Below are your team- Mel Hook , your Senior Area Manager, Paula Hurst, your Area Manager and we also have Joe Lamrani your Assistant Area Manager. These are the team members working together to make sure your children's dinners are perfect! Please feel free to contact us on the details below if you have any questions or queries

Your hotline number is 07983 432 683, or alternatively email Suzanne on



Mel Hook                               Paula Hurst