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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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Our Curriculum Statement

The school's Curriculum Statement encompasses the nature of learning experiences which should take place in Overdale Junior School, including the National Curriculum:


"The curriculum is a term to describe all the learning experiences provided at school. It should be broad, balanced and relevant to all children in accordance with the principles laid down by the Local Authority.

It complies with Government legislation in the form of the Education Reform Act. Every effort should be made to match the curriculum to the individual needs and abilities of the learner who should be actively involved wherever possible.

It is vital for teachers at every phase to liaise closely when planning and implementing the curriculum: this will aid continuity and progress. It is crucial that all learners are challenged and that high expectations are held and fulfilled.

All learners are entitled to this curriculum, which should acknowledge and reflect the changing and multicultural nature of society."

You can read our policies on Teaching & Learning, Assessment for Learning and Written Calculations - download the documents using the links below.

Please use the links below to see the overall curriculum aims for each year group.

Curriculum Themes

Each academic year, there are three different themes which will run throughout the curriculum, with a high emphasis on core skills and connections in learning. Some previous theme webs can be viewed below.

Current Curriculum Theme

This term we will be enjoying the theme of 'Through a Lens'. Children across school have started the academic year focusing on the high quality picture book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers, with an emphasis on PSHCE and P4C as we return to school. 

Please check back soon for more detail on the curriculum this term.

Enrichment Activities

The children enjoy a range of enrichment activities, including Food Routes, Outdoor Education and Forest School sessions which make the most of our extensive and varied grounds.

Pupils also undertake a 6 week project on sustainability, linked to the curriculum theme. They learn about the beauty and intricacy of the natural world and the ways in which natural systems are in danger, looking for positive solutions to inspire themselves and others.