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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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Overdale Junior School Staff 2021-22


Mr M Evans

Acting Deputy Headteachers

Mrs H Lisseman and Miss L Dighton


Mrs J Neal-Brook

Year 3

Miss Dighton / Mrs Lisseman / Mrs Weston (3LD)

Miss Obhi (3O)

Mr Amias (3A)

Miss Davison (3D)

Year 4

Mrs Brown/Mrs Scott (4BW)

Mrs Chalk/Mrs Thomas (4CT)

Mr Chaperon (4C)

Miss Qureshi (4MQ) 

Year 5

Mrs Dasgupta (5D)

Mr Bannister (5B)

Mrs Stephens (5E)

Mrs Colley/Mrs Trowson (5W)

Year 6

Mr Rowlinson (6R)

Mr Cross (6C)

Mrs Sands (6S) 

Mrs Radia (6P)


Mr Stephens: Sports

Mrs Cooper: Food Routes

Mr Massey: Forest School, Nature Studies

Mrs Scott: Forest School, Sustainability

Mrs Hallows: Art

Pastoral Support worker Miss O'Halloran


Cover Supervisor

Teaching Assistants


Mrs Higgins-Jones

Mrs Halliday

Mrs Akhter, 

Mrs Bentley, Mrs Bhanot, Mrs Bhavra, Miss Foxon, Mrs Ghumra, Miss Groves, 

 Mr Hedges, Mrs Howe,

Miss Knighton, Mr Lang, Miss Lucas, Mrs Rayat,

Mrs Sayani, Miss Stephens, Mrs Sweeney

Supply Staff

Mrs Colley, Mrs Upfold, 

Mrs Crofton, Mrs Glover & Mr Collins (1 to 1 sessions)

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Bhatti, Mrs Malaj, Mrs Bentley, Miss Pearse-Elliott, Mr Lenton, 

 Mrs Rayat, Mrs Bhanot

ICT Technician


Resources & Reprographics

Mrs Swindle

Premises Officer

Mr Fuzane

School Office

Mrs Cooke, Miss Lockton, Mrs Neal


Mr Johnson, Mrs Khureshi, Mrs Loncar, Mrs Malaj,