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Overdale Junior School Staff 2022-23


Mr M Evans

Acting Deputy Headteachers

Mrs H Lisseman and Miss L Dighton


Mrs Chalk

Year 3

Mr Amias (3A)

Mr Chaperon (3C)

Miss Gamble (3G)

Miss Qureshi (3Q)

Year 4

Mr Barwell (4B)

Mrs Brown/Mrs Dowson (4BD)

Mrs Chalk/Mrs Thomas (4CT)

Mr Mann (4M) 

Year 5

Mrs Dasgupta (5D)/ Miss Pickering

Miss Weale (5W)

Mrs Stevens (5S)

Mrs Perryman (SLT) /Mrs Malkin (5PM)

Year 6

Mr Rowlinson (6R)

Miss Green (6G)

Mrs Sands (6S) 

Mrs Radia (6PR)


Mr Stevens: Sports

Mrs Cooper: Food Routes

Mr Massey: Forest School, Nature Studies

Mrs Scott: Forest School, Sustainability

Mrs Hallows: Art

Pastoral Support worker

Family Support Worker 

Miss O'Halloran

Mr Lang

Cover Supervisor

Teaching Assistants


Miss Halliday

Mrs Akhter, 

 Mrs Bhanot, Mrs Bhavra, Miss Foxon,  Mrs K Hutchinson, Mrs L Hutchinson,

 Mr Hedges, Mrs Howe, Mrs Hussain, 

Miss Knighton, Mr Lang, Miss Palfreman, Mrs Rayat,

Mrs Sayani, Miss Stephens, Mrs Sweeney

Supply Staff

Mrs Colley, Mrs Upfold, 

Mrs Crofton, Mrs Glover & Mr Collins (1 to 1 sessions)

Lunchtime Supervisors

 Mrs Malaj,  Mr Lenton, 

 Mrs Rayat, Mrs Bhanot

ICT Technician


Resources & Reprographics

Mrs Swindle

Premises Officer

Mr Lapidge

School Office

Mrs Cooke, Miss Lockton, Mrs Neal, Mrs Kooner


Mr Johnson, Mrs Khureshi, Mrs Loncar, Mrs Malaj, Miss Malaj