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Overdale Junior School

Working Together, Learning Together

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Overdale Junior School Staff 2016-17


Mrs J Hart

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L Collins (SENCo)

Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Evans

Year 3

Mr Cross (3C)

Mr Evans/Miss Dighton (3EM)

(Miss Malkin is currently on sick leave)

Miss Smith (3S)

Year 4

Miss Neal (4N)

Miss Sands (4S)

Miss Tamhne (4T)

Mrs Chalk/Mrs Lisseman (4CL)

Year 5

Mr Ellis (5E)

Miss Obhi (5O)

Miss Pugh/Mrs Stevens (5PS)

Mrs Weston/Mrs Brown (5WB)

Year 6

Mr Amias (6A)

Mrs Ellerby (6E)

Mr Wallace (6W)


Mrs Cooper: Food Routes, Swimming
Mr Massey: Forest School, Outdoor Learning
Mrs Scott: Forest School, Outdoor Learning, Sustainability

Teaching Assistants


Miss Abu-rawi, Mrs Akhter, Mrs Askew, Mrs Bentley,

Mrs Bhanot, B Bhavra, D Conchie, S Cooke, Miss Groves, Mrs Hallows, Mrs James, Mrs Jones, Mrs Maisuria, Mrs Navekar, Mrs Parmar-Saville, 

Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Swindle, Mrs Rayat

Supply Staff

Mrs Colley, Mr Royley, Mrs Upfold

Mrs Crofton, Mrs Glover & Mr Collins (1 to 1 sessions)

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Bhatti, Mrs D Collins, Mrs James

 Mrs Rayat, Mrs Bentley (Midday Manager)

ICT Technician

Mr Lapidge

Resources & Reprographics

Mrs Swindle

Premises Officer

Mr Fuzane

School Office

Mrs Lyons (Bursar), Mrs Toon (Office Manager), Mrs Wood


Mr Johnson, Mrs Loncar, Mrs Marston, Mrs Southgate