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Overdale Junior School

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The pupil premium was introduced in April 2011. The level of pupil premium set for 2016-17 remains the same as the previous year at £ 1,320 per pupil for pupils eligible for free school meals and pupils who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as the Ever 6 Free School Meals). The level of pupil premium set for 2016-17 for Looked After Children (LAC) or Post LAC remains £1,900.  

At Overdale the pupil premium funding is carefully targeted at the designated children and we are able to identify how the money has been spent and how it will be used in the future.

We aim to continue to seek ways to encourage parents and carers to apply for free school meals where pride, stigma or changing circumstances act as barriers to its take-up.

Apply online at or pick up a form from the school office.

Details of the last full years spend is detailed below.

Please refer to the separate documents below for further information on our Pupil Premium Strategy including historical tables of planned and actual expenditure.

Pupil Premium 2016-17

In 2016-17 the school expected to receive £ 84,500, the school actually received £ 100,980. The increase is linked to an increase in the number of children who meet the qualifying criteria. The table below shows the planned and actual expenditure for each area:




  • One to One / Small Group Tuition

A teacher working on a one to one basis with individual children or with small groups of children

£10,000  11.83%


£19, 645  19.45% 

  • Additional Teacher Support
    •           Including Homework Club Supervision

£21,000  24.85%

£29,545  29.26%

  • TA Support
    •           A programme of support during the school day to work with small groups of children to help develop numeracy and literacy skills
    •           Breakfast Club / Big Moves / Reading Club
    •           After school homework club

£30,000   35.50%

£35,000  34.66%

  • Staff Training

£1,000   1.18%

£1,000   0.99%

  • Broader Access to the curriculum

This includes reduced cost or free access to activities including - afterschool sport clubs, music lessons, trips and swimming

£8,000   9.47%

£5,390   5.34%

  • Curriculum Resources 

This includes resources for the afterschool homework club and resources for the additional support programmes 

£6,000    7.11%

£2,555   2.53%

  • Numeracy Coaching

A programme of support during the school day lead by a Numeracy Specialist 

£7,000     8.29%

£6,845   6.78%

  • Kingswood Residential 

Reduction in the cost of the residential trip

£1,500     1.77%

£1,000   0.99%

Total Expenditure