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‘This is an inclusive and caring school. Pupils are proud of their culturally diverse school. They appreciate their helpful teachers. Leaders are ambitious about what every pupil can achieve.’

Ofsted 2022

Recognition and understanding of Special Educational Needs (SEN) is hugely important to all our staff, to ensure all children meet their potential; to our parents, to ensure we work together to meet our pupils' needs; and to the children, to guarantee they have an enjoyable and productive learning experience.  We are committed to offering an inclusive and creative curriculum for all children, regardless of their differences.

The 0-25 SEND Code of Practice (2014)

Children and young people with SEN have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most children and young people of the same age, and they may need extra help because of a range of needs.  These needs are categorised as four key areas as defined in the government's 0-25 SEND Code of Practice (2014):

1.  Communicating and interacting
For example, where children and young people have speech, language and communication difficulties, which make it difficult for them to make sense of language or to understand how to communicate effectively and appropriately with others.

2.  Cognition and learning
For example, where children and young people learn at a slower pace than other their age; have difficulty in understanding parts of the curriculum; have difficulties with organisation and memory skills; or have a specific difficulty affecting one part of their performance, such as in literacy or numeracy.

3.  Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
For example, where children and young people have difficulty in managing their relationships with other people; are withdrawn; or if they behave in ways that may hinder their and other children's learning, or that impact on their health and wellbeing.

4.  Sensory and/or physical needs
For example, children and young people with visual and/or hearing impairment; or a physical need that means they must have additional ongoing support and equipment.

Some children and young people may have needs that cover more than one of these areas.

SENCO - Mrs Neale-Brook

If you'd like to arrange a meeting with our SENCO, Mrs Neale-Brook (SEN lead), please email