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Respect Resilience Responsibility

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We like to make the most of training opportunities and Overdale teachers have been on many FfL courses on gardening, keeping animals, network events, farm visits and the new Cook and Eat cooking programme launched in December 2018.  Miss Brown will be attending a Meal Barrow course in February.

We are pleased to say three teaching staff were awarded Champion status at the Sustainable Schools Awards in Leicester in October 2018. Mrs Scott & Mr Massey were Sustrans Champions for their ongoing commitment to the Sustrans project. Mrs Cooper was winner of the Cooking Champion for dedication to cooking in the curriculum and integration into the wider curriculum. 

Please see the full 2018 Sustainable Awards News item here.

We have continued through 2019 to support the teaching and support staff to stay fresh with their culinary skills and associated teaching, in order that they can support the children with their food for life training.