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Respect Resilience Responsibility

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Welcome to Overdale Junior School. We are a large mainstream school in Knighton, Leicester that prides itself on delivering excellent teaching and learning opportunities for all of our pupils. We are proud of our academic and personal development achievements and as a school, we work hard to ensure that we support all of our pupils to become well rounded and sociable young people who are ready for the next stages in their academic journey.

We rely on the support from families at home to maintain positive attitudes towards school, learning and challenges to enable our pupils to attend well, be active learners and overcome barriers when they arise.

At the heart of everything we do are our core values: respect, responsibility and resilience. These values are the foundation which everything is built upon to ensure our learners make the most of every opportunity, enable others to achieve, don’t give up, look after our environment and care for each other.

Our logo depicts the oak leaf, wrapped in a ‘Triangle of Support’. A triangle illustrates the importance of parents and schools working together to support their child. The three points of a triangle represent the three parts of that relationship. The parent and school are the two bottom points that support the child and enable them to have the best educational experience. When school is aware of a child’s home situation, they gain insight into the pupils’ classroom behaviour. When parents understand what the school is trying to achieve, they can provide valuable support and assistance at home. Parents can implement strategies to change child’s behaviours at home in ways that can positively affect their behaviour in the classroom. Each triangle of support between the school, parent, and child provides that young person with an incredible opportunity to thrive. Overdale Junior School provides a triangle of support for each individual child so that they can flourish throughout their educational journey.

We look forward to working alongside all of the parents and carers over the next couple of years and we are excited for your children to begin the next phase of their education with us.